About FH

The Goal🎯

Fedha Huru was created with the aim of building a Financial resource for beginners and investors on how to invest in the Kenyan Market.

We aim to take you from zero understanding of how people build wealth to a working knowledge of how you can do it yourself.

We do this by filtering and simplifying the ideas of wealth creators into small, actionable insights that you can start applying to your own life.

The ultimate goal is to create a tribe of people looking to create a life toward financial freedom.

The Hard Truth💡

The skillset to become wealthy can be learned one day at a time, one decision at a time. Wealth creation is not only about investing it is about patience and long-term thinking.

If you are looking to “get rich quick,” You will not like it here.

Jeff Bezos once asked Warren Buffett why everyone doesn’t just copy his relatively simple investing technique. Buffett replied: “Because no one wants to get rich slow.”

Fedha Huru will help you get from zero understanding of how to build wealth, to practical knowledge of how you can do it yourself with 3 approaches.


1. Financial Literacy- Understand Personal finance and Wealth Creation

2. Financial Prudence- Use this gained knowledge and apply it to fit your personal finances.

3. Financial freedom- This is the Goal. to Build assets that generate enough income for you without you actively working for it each day.